An Artist lives in the moment because each moment is a Golden chance to express who they are. Each moment is a blank canvas on which the Artist paints

Creative Expression

Every person has the power to change their world and the world of others

Creative Living


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Creative living

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photo and video

Photo and Video

Comprehensive Editing Suit, enhancing, framing, special effects etc

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Genuisworks believes in bringing the creative power of people into everyday life,That one great idea that you would like to see come to reality.The next step in the growth of your business.The perfect way to say you care. Every creative urge can be made reality. Every dream made true, you think it, we do it. In this we believe.

Living creatively is the right of every human being, whether it’s your business or personal life. Every person has a Vision, every person has the power to change their life or the life of others. Geniusworks is the perfect platform from which your Vision can be made real. No Vision is too small, every Idea is important to us as it is important to you.

website design

Creative, engaging, functional websites that stand out.

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Graphic Designs

Logos, Stickers, Posters, Business Cards, Brochures, Menus, Pamphlets, T-shirts etc